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reinforcing bars 
rolled steel 
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  Rebars for concrete reinforcement

DIN 488BSt500S8-28 mm
LNEC E 450A500NR8-40 mm
SFS 1215A500HW8-32 mm
NF A 35-016-1B500B8-40 mm
NF A 35-016FeE 4008-40 mm
NEN 6008FeB500HWL8-40 mm
SS-ENV 10080B500BT8-32 mm
LVS 191-125Г2С, 35ГС, B500B, B500C8-40 mm
CAN/CSA-G-M92300R, 400R, 500R, 400W, 500W10-40 mm
PN82-H-9321534GS , 18G2b10-40 mm
ASTM A 615Grade 40, Grade 60, Grade 753/8''-12/8''
ASTM A 706Grade 603/8''-12/8''
BS 4449B500B, B500C8-40 mm
NS 3576-3B500C8-32 mm
UNE 36068B500S8-40 mm
ДСТУ 3760 (DSTU 3760)A500C8-40 mm
ГОСТ 5781 (GOST 5781)35ГС, 25Г2С10-40mm
CTO ACЧM 7-93 (STO ASCM 7-93)A500C8-40mm
EN 10080 + DS/INF 165B500B, B550B8-32mm
NBN A 24-301BE500S8-40mm
ÖNORM B 4200BSt 5508-40mm

The production may be thermostrengthened using the THERMEX process.
Bar length is up to 15 m.
Weight of bundles Ц up to 5000 kg.
Marking: rolled Ц on marks on each bar, tags and paint marking on each bundle.
The packing is seaworthy.
Shipment capabilities you can find here.
Product conformity certificates are here