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Liepājas Metalurgs — Latvian biggest industrial enterprise as well as one of the oldest companies of Latvia, its history starts from 1882.
Liepāja semi-integrated metallurgical plant Liepājas Metalurgs — the only metallurgical company in the Baltic states. The main product of the company — steel rolled bars for reinforcement of concrete structures. 98 percent of the products go for export providing 10 percent of the overall Latvian export.
The quality system of Liepājas Metalurgs has the international certificate of conformity to the quality standard ISO 9001. The products have certificate of conformity to national standards of 18 world countries.
One of the traditions of Liepājas Metalurgs — to be a ground for testing and development of experimental metallurgical technologies. Liepājas Metalurgs is always keeping pace with the newest technological developments. Liepājas Metalurgs has the most modern steel making facilities in Europe commissioned in 2011.
Liepājas Metalurgs — it is over 2300 workplaces. The taxes paid by Liepājas Metalurgs form the fourth part of the budget of Liepāja town municipality.
Liepājas Metalurgs — is a holding type company. Eight affiliated companies and one joint venture completely ensure continuity of the production chain starting from purchasing of raw materials and finishing with shipping of products to customers and processing of the by-products of the production process, as well as ensuring implementation of social programs for the metallurgists and Liepāja residents.

    Interesting facts:
  • The oldest building, in which 130 years ago the company started to melt metal, now is living its third life — presently rollers for the rolling mills are being lathed in there.
  • The last Siemens-Marten work shop of the company during 45 years produced over 20 million tons of steel.
  • Liepājas Metalurgs has its own 37-kilometer long railway network.
  • 562 women are working at Liepājas Metalurgs forming 24 percent of the overall number of workers.